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Crypto Marketing AgencyAn experienced agency that generates the highest returns on your crypto and ICO

BLOW UP MY BRAND provides a 360-degree crypto marketing strategy for your next ICO promotion.

Our experienced team of crypto marketing specialists is innovative, dedicated, and consistent in delivering high ROI cryptocurrency targeted advertising campaigns.

You need data-driven campaigns that will maximize your crypto investment’s potential profits.

Every crypto company requires a solid, individualized marketing strategy to get noticed in an increasingly competitive space.

We are a digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience.

We have worked with Fortune 100 corps like AT&T, BET, GE and Goodyear.


An agency that truly understands digital marketing is essential for cryptocurrency-based businesses looking to find digital marketing solutions to get the best ROI from their marketing budget.

Our team includes experts in both creative and tactical marketing areas, such as SEO, content marketing, targeted ad campaigns and influencer marketing campaigns. We also offer investment consultations, marketing consultations and video production.

Blow Up My Brand uses innovative, creative and cutting-edge marketing strategies for promoting your cryptocurrency or ICO products and services. We don’t focus only on engagements. We provide a comprehensive, detailed, and data-driven strategy that will get you results.

Why choose BLOW UP MY BRAND as your Crypto Marketing and Advertising Agency

BUMB uses a variety of marketing strategies to promote crypto products. These are some of our top ICO and crypto marketing techniques to boost your crypto offerings:

Crypto SEO

 Investors will search for your cryptocurrency to find it.

These SEO strategies are essential for high-quality traffic acquisition

  • To accommodate ICOs and cryptocurrency-related offerings, it is important to research the entire niche.
  • You can research your competitors and their organic traffic via Google. This data can be used to identify low-competition keywords.
  • For the best conversions, optimize your crypto-related content using long-tail keywords

Marketing with ICO Crypto Social Media

Social media is another way to bring investors into your crypto business. Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms are a great place to get quick updates and information about the market. A targeted social media strategy  & ad campaign helps your brand gain attention and engage with the audience.

Marketing with Crypto Influencers

The brand message is shared across social media via influencers to generate high demand tokens. To generate engagement, we share a mixture of content such as blog posts, reviews, and video content. You can find niche influencers on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Medium and Reddit. This allows you to establish a solid brand reputation.

PPC Ad Campaigns (Pay Per Click)

Crypto PPC is a great way for blockchain companies to quickly generate awareness about their offerings. Blow Up My Brand’s PPC team is industry-leading and has the ability to reach millions of crypto enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Communities

To build credibility and a good reputation, it is essential that any crypto project be accepted and adopted by the community. These communities can be found on Telegram, Reddit, Viber, and Discord. They also include investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in making deals. These communities help to build trust and provide a platform for effective communication.

Crypto Press Releases

Media and press releases are a great way to promote your services due to the rapid growth of cryptocurrency. You can publish news and updates about cryptocurrency on press release websites. This helps you to create a community of cryptocurrency users.

Communications between crypto-businesses and investors can be very limited or non-existent without PR. A good PR marketing strategy can help you find new business partners, new customers, and new sales opportunities.

These are the two most effective PR strategies:

  • Publishing press releases that are guaranteed to reach the right audience will help you target the right audience.
  • You can send tokens to your users to attract attention to your project. This is both cost-effective as well as streamlined. As a reliable marketing tool, a simple airdrop can be incorporated.

Crypto Email Marketing

A solid strategy for crypto email marketing can help your business reach potential customers to inform them about the services. Blow Up My Brand employs dedicated email marketing professionals who can help you create an automated drip email campaign to attract potential investors for your next ICO project.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

To help you get more customers, we can help you create crypto referral programs. You can list your referral program on a variety of crypto affiliate platforms to help you acquire more customers.

Telegram Marketing

Telegram is a great way to communicate with different crypto communities and groups. Defi Million and ICO Speak News are some of the most popular crypto groups.

LinkedIn Marketing

Another great way to promote your crypto startup is through LinkedIn marketing. Reach crypto and blockchain investors that are interested in investing in your ICO. Blow Up my Brand’s advertising and marketing experts are familiar with the LinkedIn algorithm and can suggest strategies that will deliver the best ROI for your campaigns.


A great marketing strategy for promoting awareness of your virtual currency is crypto airdrops. To get more people trading on your site, we use various cryptocurrency forums and create strategies. As crypto wallets, both Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used.

Bounty campaigns

We can help you create bounty programs to raise funds in support of your ICO. We help you set up bounty campaigns for pre-ICO as well as post-ICO stages. This will make your ICO more lucrative and allow customers to provide valuable feedback that will improve your future releases.

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